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Worklist for Edward Alexander Macdowell

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name cmt key instr year time genre
42 works
1Amourette  pno1896  
2In Lilting Rhythm  pno1897  
4Forgotten Fairytales      
76 Fancies for Piano  pno  Fantasy
92 Old songs     Song
113 Lieder op. 11     Song
122 Lieder op. 12     Song
14Piano Second Modern Suite     23:00Suite
15Piano Concerto No. 1 in A Minor     27:00Piano concerto
16Serenade for Piano  pno  Serenade
17HexentanzWitches' Dance pno   
22Hamlet / Ophelia symphonic poems for orchestr     Symphonic poem
23Piano Concerto No. 2 in D minor     26:00Piano concerto
25Lancelot und Elaine      
26From an Old Garden     Song
286 Idyls after Goethe      
302 Fragments After the Song of Roland      
316 Poems after Heine     Poem
324 little poems     Poem
333 Lieder op. 33  pno  Song
342 songs op. 34     Song
35Romance     Romance
36Etude de concert,     Etude
3912 Etudes op. 39  pno  Etude
406 love songs     Song
42Suite for Large Orchestra     Orchestral suite
45Sonata for Piano no 1 in G minor "Tragica"  pno  Piano Sonata
4612 Virtuoso Studies  pno  Etude
478 Songs op. 47     Song
48Suite No. 2 "Indian"  orc  Suite
50Sonata for Piano no 2 in G minor "Eroica"  pno  Piano Sonata
5110 Woodland Sketches  pno1896 20:00 
55Sea pieces op. 55  pno   
564 Songs op. 56     Song
57Sonata for Piano no 3 in D minor "Norse"  pno  Piano Sonata
583 songs op. 58     Song
59Sonata for Piano no 4 in E minor "Keltic"  pno  Piano Sonata
603 songs op. 60     Song
61Fireside Tales  pno   
62New England Idyls  pno   



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