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Worklist for Otmar Mácha

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name cmt key instr year time genre
24 works
10 Czech Christmas Carols     Song
4 Monologues to the lyrics of F X Salda     Song
7 Pieces for Three Clarinets  cla3   
Beranku Bozi      
Concerto Grosso for Singers and Orchestra  voc0,orc  Concerto
Elegy for Violin and Piano  vln,pno  Elegy
Fortuna     3:00Song
Hejsa, hejsa     3:30Song
Hymnus     6:00Song
Jezero Ukereve (Lake Ukereve)     Opera
Lachian Yodel SongsLasske heleckacky    10:30Song cycle
Materska znamenka (Birthmarks)     Song
Moravian Folk Songs     10:00Song cycle
Night and HopeNoc a nadeje  1959 Song
Ohlasy pisni slezskych     13:00Song cycle
Polapena nevera (Infidelity Unmasked)     Opera
Prague Fantasy  org  Fantasy
Proberbia     11:00Song cycle
Slavnosti jara (Spring Celebration)     Song
Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano  bsn,pno  Sonatina
Ta Moravska brana (The Moravian Gate)     3:30Song
Tece Voda (water is flowing)     3:00Song
The Legacy of J A KomenskyKomensky = Comenius. Oratory Odkaz J.A. Komenskeho.  1955 Oratorio
Variations on a theme by and on the death of Jan Rychlik   1964 Variations



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