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Worklist for Albéric Magnard

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name cmt key instr year time genre
23 works
13 pieces op. 1  pno1888  
2Suite in G minor "Dans le Style Ancien"  orc1888 Suite
36 poemes op. 3   1890 Song cycle
4Symphony No. 1 in C minor C- 189 31:00Symphony
5Yolande   1891 Opera
6Symphony No. 2 in E major   1893 36:00Symphony
7Promenades  pno1893  
8Quintet in D minor D-cha1894  
9Chant funebre  orc1895  
10Overture   1895 Overture
11Symphony No. 3 in B flat Minor Bb- 1896 37:30Symphony
12GucrcoeurTragedie  1904 Opera
13Violin Sonata in G major G+ 1901 Violin Sonata
14Hymne a  la justice  orc1902  
154 poemes op. 15   1902 Song
16String Quartet in E minor E- 1903 String quartet
17Hymne a  Venus  orc1904  
18Piano Trio in F minor F- 1904 Piano trio
19Bérénice   1911 Opera
20Sonata for cello and piano in A Major A+cel,pno1910 30:00Sonata
21Symphony No. 4 in C Sharp Minor C#- 1913 35:30Symphony
 A Henriette   1892 Song
 En Dieu mon espérance et mon épéeEn Dieu mon espérance et mon épée pour ma défense. pno1889  



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