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Worklist for Gustav Mahler

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name cmt key instr year time genre
17 works
5 Rückert SongsFünf Lieder nach Rückert. Rückert was a poet.  1902 20:00Song cycle
Aus de JugendzeitLieder und Gesänge    Song cycle
Das Lied der ErdeThe song of the earth.  1911 1:00:00Song
KindertotenliederKindertotenlieder = Songs on the death of children.  1904 28:00Song
Lieder aus 'Des Knaben Wunderhorn'Des Knaben Wunderhorn = The youth's magic horn. These first 10 songs were published in 1899. The last two (Revelge and Der Tamboursg' sell) in 1905.  1899 50:00Song
Lieder eines Fahrenden GesellenSongs of a Wayfarer  1896 17:30Song
Quartet for Piano and Strings in A minor A-   11:30Piano quartet
Symphony no. 1 "Titan" D+ 1888 52:00Symphony
Symphony no. 10Unfinished orc1911 Symphony
Symphony no. 2 "Resurrection"Auferstehung = ResurrectionC- 1895 1:22:00Symphony
Symphony no. 3 D- 1896 1:36:00Symphony
Symphony no. 4 G+ 1900 57:00Symphony
Symphony no. 5 C#- 1903 1:07:00Symphony
Symphony no. 6 "Tragic" A- 1906 1:24:00Symphony
Symphony no. 7 E- 1905 1:20:00Symphony
Symphony no. 8 "Symphonie der Tausend"   1906 1:22:00Symphony
Symphony no. 9 D+ 1909 1:21:00Symphony



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