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Worklist for David Maslanka

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name cmt key instr year time genre
32 works
3 Dances for Percussion "Montana Music"     Dances
A Child's Garden of Dreams      
A Litany for Courage and the Seasons  cho,cla,vib  25:00Song cycle
Concerto for Piano, Winds and Percussion no 1  pno,win,pcs  Concerto
Concerto for Piano, Winds and Percussion no 2  pno,win,pcs  Concerto
Crown of Thorns      
Duo for Flute and Piano      
Heaven to clear when day did close      
Hell's Gate      
In Memoriam      
Laudamus Te      
Little Dance for Barbara Mason      
Little Symphony     Symphony
Morning Star      
Mountain Roads      
Music for Dr. Who      
My Lady White      
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano in a  sax,pno  Sonata
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano  bsn,pno  Sonata
Sonata for Oboe and Piano  obo,pno  Sonata
Song Book      
Symphony no 2 for Winds     Symphony
Symphony no 5     Symphony
Symphony no 6 "Living Earth"     Symphony
Symphony no 7 for Winds     Symphony
Symphony No. 4 for Winds  win  Symphony
Wind Quintet No. 1      
Wind Quintet No. 2      
Wind Quintet No. 3      



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