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Worklist for Krzysztof Penderecki

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name cmt key instr year time genre
39 works
3 Miniaturesfor clarinet and piano  cla,pno1958  
3 Miniaturesfor violin and piano  vln,pno1959  
Anaklasis  sor,pcs1960  
Brigade of Deathfor tape  1963  
Canon for 2 string orchestras and 2 tapes   1962  
Cantata in honorem Almae Matris UniversitatisCantata in honorem Almae Matris Universitatis Iagellonicae sescentos abhinc annos fundatae cho2,orc1964 Cantata
Canticum Canticorum Salomonis  cho,orc1971 Other religious
Capriccio per Siegfried Palm  cel1968 Capriccio
Cosmogony  sop,ten,bas,cho,orc1970  
Der unterbrochene Gedanke  stq1968  
Di natura sonoris II  orc1971  
Die schwarze MaskeThe Black Mask  1986 Opera
Dies IraeOratorium ob memoriam in perniciei castris i Oświęcim necatorum inexstinguibilem reddendam voc0,cho,orc1952 Oratorio
Ecloga VIIIfor 6 male voices alt2,ten,bar2,bas1972  
Emanations  sor21958  
Entratafor brass instruments and timpani  1994  
Epitaphium Artur Malawski in Memoriam  sor,dru   
Magnificat   1974 Magnificat
Missa Brevis  cho1964 Mass
Paradise Lost   1978 Opera
Passacaglia for orchestra  orc1988 Passacaglia
Passacaglia per archi  str1996 Passacaglia
Passio et Mors Domini Nostri Iesu Christi  voc0,cho4,orc1965 Oratorio
Polish Requiem  voc0,cho,orc1984 Requiem
Psalmus 1961for tape  1961  
Seven Gates of Jerusalem   1996  
Sinfonietta No. 2  cla,str1994 Sinfonietta
Sinfonietta per Archi  str1991 Sinfonietta
Stabat Mater  cho1962 Stabat mater
String Quartet 1960  stq1960 String quartet
String Quartet 1968  stq1968 String quartet
String Trio   1990 String Trio
Symphony No. 2  orc1980 Symphony
Symphony no. 7 "Seven gates of Jerusalem"   1996 1:00:00Symphony
Te Deum   1979 Other religious
The Devils of Loudun   1969 Opera
Ubu Rex   1990 Opera
Utrenja "The Entombment of Christ"  sop2,ten,bas2,cho2,orc1970 Other religious
Utrenja II "The Resurrection"  sop2,ten,bas2,cho3,orc1971 Other religious



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