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Worklist for Wilhelm Petersen

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name cmt key instr year time genre
53 works
1Symphonic Fantasy for large Orchestra  orc   
2Mourning Music for large Orchestra  orc   
3Symphony no. 1 in C minor C-   Symphony
4Symphony no. 2 in E-flat on "Christ is erstanden" Eb+   Symphony
5Sinfonietta for String Orchestra in G major G+sor  Sinfonietta
6Sonata no. 1 for Violin and Piano in D minor D-vln,pno  Violin Sonata
7Hymns on texts of Novalis for Soprano and Orch.  sop,orc  Hymn
8String Quartet no. 1      
9Theme and Variations for Piano in C minor C-pno  Variations
10String Quartet no. 2  stq  String quartet
11Prelude and Fugue for Violin and Piano  vln,pno  Preludes and fugues
12Wunderhorn-Lieder  voc,pno  Song cycle
133 Odes from Klopstock for Bass-Baritone  bas,pno  Song cycle
145 Songs from old poetry for a capella Choir     Song cycle
154 a capella chorales based on poems of Spervogel      
166 a capella chorales based on poems of C.F. Meyer     Song cycle
174 a capella chorales based on poems of Morgenstern     Song cycle
184 a capella chorales on poems from "Wegzehrung"Four a capella chorales based on poems from "Wegzehrung" by Albert Steffen    Song cycle
197 Lieder from the Siebenten Ring by Stefan George  voc,pno  Song cycle
205 Songs from Hölderlin and Georg  voc,pno  Song cycle
21Urworte, an Orphisch  cho  Song
22Sonata no. 2 for Violin and Piano in B-minor B-vln,pno  Violin Sonata
23Chinesisch-deutsche Jahres- and Tageszeiten  voc,pno  Song cycle
24Theater music to Der Tod des Empedokles"the Death of Empedocles" from Hölderlin     
25Hymns for Choir and Orchestrafree setting of the Bekenntnis from Des Knaben Wunderhorn cho,orc  Song cycle
263 Baroque Songs from Weise and Fleming     Song cycle
27Große Messe for Soloists  cho,orc   
28The Spürhunde (Sophocles)     Opera
29The Vögel (Aristophanes)     Opera
30Symphony no. 3 in C sharp minor C#-orc  Symphony
315 Lieder from Friedrich Hebbel  voc,pno  Song cycle
326 Lieder (Eichendorff)     Song cycle
33Symphony no. 4 in D major D+orc  Symphony
34Von Edler ArtCantata after old melodies cho,orc  Cantata
354 Geistige Lieder after old melodies  cho,orc  Song cycle
36Sinfonic Variations for Orchestra  orc   
374 Small Pieces for Violin and Piano  vln,pno   
384 Miniatures for Violin and Piano  vln,pvo  Miniature
39Theme, Transformations and Fugue  orc   
40Goethe-Lieder  voc,pno  Song cycle
414 Lieder from Christian Morgenstern  voc,pno  Song cycle
42Piano Quartet in C minor C-   Piano quartet
43Sonata no. 3 for Violin and Piano in C minor C-vln,pno  Violin Sonata
44Der alte Gartensecond installment of the Eichendorff-Lieder voc,pno  Song cycle
456 Songs op. 45  voc,pno  Song cycle
469 Songs from Shakespeares Dramas  voc,pno  Song cycle
47Suite for Piano B minor B-   Suite
48Theme and Variations for Piano in D minor D-pno  Variations
49String Quartet no. 3 in E minor E-stq  String quartet
50Variations on a Song of King Thibaut of Navarra  pno  Variations
51Suite for Piano in D minor D-pno  Suite
52Miniatures for Piano  pno  Miniature
53Suite no. 2 for Piano in C minor C-pno  Suite



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