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Worklist for Hans Pfitzner

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name cmt key instr year time genre
59 works
1Sonata in F-sharp minor„Das Lied soll schauern und beben…“ cel,pno1890 Cello sonata
27 Songs Op. 2   1889 Song
33 Songs Op. 3   1889 Song
44 Songs Op. 4   1889 Song
53 Songs Op. 5   1889 Song
66 Songs Op. 6   1889 Song
75 Songs Op. 7   1900 Song
8Piano Trio in F major   1890 Piano trio
95 Songs Op. 9   1895 Song
103 Songs Op. 10   1901 Song
115 Songs Op. 11   1901 Song
13String Quartet No. 2 in D major D+stq1902 String quartet
14Die Heinzelmännchen      
154 Songs Op. 15   1904 Song
17Das Käthchen von Heilbronn     Incidental music
18An den Mond      
192 Songs Op. 19   1905 Song
20Das Christ-Elflein   1906 Opera
212 Songs Op. 21   1907 Song
225 Songs Op. 22   1907 Song
23Piano Quintet in C major C+ 1908 Piano quintet
244 Songs Op. 24   1909 Song
265 Songs Op. 26   1916 Song
27Sonata in e-minor for Violin and Piano E-vln,pno1918 Violin Sonata
28Von Deutscher Seele  cho,orc1921  
294 Songs Op. 29   1921 Song
304 Songs Op. 30   1922 Song
31Piano concerto in E-flat major  pno,orc1922 Piano concerto
324 Songs Op. 32   1923 Song
33Alte Weisen     Song
34Violin Concerto in B minor B-vln,orc1923 Violin concerto
356 Liebeslieder   1924 Song
36String Quartet Nr. 3 in C-sharp minor C#-stq1925 String quartet
36aSymphony in C-sharp minorAdapted from String Quartet, Op. 36C#-orc1932 Symphony
38Das dunkle ReichChoral fantasy sop,bar,orc,org  Song
39Das Herz   1930 Opera
406 Songs Op. 40   1931 Song
413 Sonnets   1931 Song
42Cello Concerto in G major G+cel,orc1935 Cello concerto
43Duo for Violin, Cello, and small Orchestra  vln,cel,orc1937  
44Small Symphony in G major G+orc1939 Symphony
45Elegy and Roundelay  orc1940  
46Symphony in C major "An die Freunde"  orc1940 Symphony
475 Piano pieces  pno   
48Fons Salutifer  cho,orc,org1941 Song
50String Quartet Nr. 4 in C minor C-stq1942 String quartet
516 Studien   1942  
52Cello concerto in A minor A-cel,orc1888 Cello concerto
54Cracow Greetings  orc1944  
55Sextet in G minor G- 1945  
56Fantasie in A minor   1947 Fantasy
 6 Early Songs   1887 Song
 Der Blumen Rache  cho1888 Song
 Scherzo in C minor  orc1887  
 Unorthographic Fugato  stq1943 Fugue
 Untreu und Trost   1903 Song
W15Der arme Heinrich   1891 Opera
W16Die Rose vom Liebesgarten   1897 Opera
W17Palestrina   1909 Opera



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