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Worklist for Peter Philips

Also known as Petrus Philippus or Pietro Phillipo.
FVB = Fitzwilliam Virginal Book CS = Cantiones sacrae

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name cmt key instr year time genre
19 works
 Ascendit Deus     Hymn
 Amarilli Di Julio Romano  org   
 Almande Tregian     Allemande
 Ave verum corpus, natum de Maria virgine     Hymn
 Book of madrigals for 6 voices   1603 Song
 Cantiones sacrae for 5 voicesCantiones Sacrae Quinis Vocibus  1612 Song
 Cantiones sacrae for 8 voices   1613 Song
 Deliciae sacraeDeliciae sacrae binis et ternis vocibus cum basso continuo organum  1616 Song
 GalliardFrom The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. hsc  1:00 
 Gemmulae SacraeGemmulae Sacrae Binis et Ternis Vocibus cum Basso Continuo Organum  1613 Song
 Il primo libro de madrigali a sei voci   1596 Song
 Les Rossignols spirituels   1616 Song
 Litanies to Loreto   1623 Song
 Madrigals for 8 voices   1598 Song
 Melodia Olympica   1591 Song
 O Crux Splendidior     Hymn
 Pavana Dolorosa      
 Phillips Pavan     Pavan
 Paradisus sacris cantionibusParadisus sacris cantionibus consitus, una, duabus et tribus vocibus decantantis  1628 Song



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