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Worklist for Gabriel Pierné

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name cmt key instr year time genre
23 works
5Pièce for Oboe and Piano in G minor      
6Fantasie-ballet for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc  Ballet
7Serenade for Oboe and Harp in A major  obo,har  Serenade
9Impromptu-Caprice in A Flat Major     Impromptus
12Piano Concerto in C minor      
13Etude de concert for Piano      
14Pastorale No. 1      
19Canzonetta     3:15 
25Scherzo-caprice for Piano and Orchestra  pno,orc  Scherzo
293 Pieces for Organ  org   
35Solo de concert for Bassoon and Piano  bsn,pno   
36Sonata for Violin and Piano,  vln,pno  Sonata
37Poème symphonique for Piano and Orchestra D-pno,orc  Symphonic poem
39Concert Piece for Harp in G flat Major  har   
41Pastorale "Dans le style ancien"      
45Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano  vln,cel,pno   
46Sonata for Cello and Piano  cel,pno  Sonata
48Sonata da camera     Sonata
51Variations libres et finale     Variations
 Ramuntcho Suite no 1     Suite
 Ramuntcho Suite no 2     Suite
 Suite pittoresque     Suite
 Voyage au pays de tendre      



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