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Worklist for Joachim Raff

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name cmt key instr year time genre
50 works
1Sérénade  pno  Serenade
57Aus der Schweiz      
582 Fantasiestücke for Violin and Piano      
59Duo for Vln/Cel and Piano in A major  vln/cel,pno  Duet
633 Duos for Violin and Piano from Wagner's Ope  vln,pno  Duet
73Sonata for Violin and Piano no 1 in E minor  vln,pno  Sonata
76Ode au printempsOde to spring pno,orc  Ode
775 String Quartets  stq  String quartet
78Sonata for Violin and Piano no 2 in A major  vln,pno  Sonata
856 Morceaux for Violin and Piano  vln,pno   
86Begegnung, no 1      
90String Quartet no. 2 in A major      
96Symphony no 1 in D major, "An das Vaterland"  orc  Symphony
993 Sonatillen for Piano      
101Suite for Orchestra no 1 in C major  orc  Suite
102Trio for Piano and Strings no 1 in C minor  pno,str   
103Jubel-Ouvertüre in C major     Overture
107Quintet for Piano and Strings in A minor  pno,str   
112Trio for Piano and Strings no 2 in G major  pno,str   
119Fest-Ouvertüre in G major     Overture
123Konzert-Ouvertüre in F major     Overture
128Sonata for Violin and Piano no 3 in D major  vln,pno  Sonata
129Sonata for Violin and Piano no 4 in G minor,     Sonata
140Symphony no 2 in C major  orc  Symphony
153Symphony no 3 in F major, "Im Walde"  orc  Symphony
154Dame Kobold     Opera
155Trio for Piano and Strings no 3 in A minor  pno,str   
1572 Pieces for Piano  pno   
158Trio for Piano and Strings no 4 in D major  pno,str   
161Concerto for Violin no 1 in B minor  vln  Violin concerto
167Symphony no 4 in G minor     Symphony
172Maria Stuart     Song cycle
176Octet for Strings in C Major      
177Symphony no 5 in E major, "Lenore"  orc  Symphony
178Sextet for Strings in G minor  str   
185Concerto for Piano in C minor  pno  Piano concerto
188Sinfonietta for Ten Winds  win1873 Sinfonietta
189Symphony no 6 in D minor  orc  Symphony
1923 String Quartets  stq  String quartet
193Concerto for Cello no 1 in D minor      
194Suite for Orchestra no 2 in F minor "in ungarischer Weise" F-   Suite
201Symphony no 7 in B flat major, "In den Alpen"  orc  Symphony
204Suite for Piano in B flat major     Suite
205Symphony no 8 in A major, "Frühlingsklänge"  orc  Symphony
206Concerto for Violin no 2 in A minor  vln  Violin concerto
208Symphony no 9 in E minor, "Im Sommer"  orc  Symphony
213Symphony no 10 in F minor, "Zu Herbstzeit"  orc  Symphony
214Symphony no 11 in A minor, "Der Winter"  orc  Symphony



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