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Worklist for Anton Reicha

Antonín, Antoine Rejcha

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name cmt key instr year time genre
84 works
16 Duos for violin and celloNumber also used for a concertante for two violins vln,cel1796  
33 Duos for violin and cello op. 3  vln,cel1795  
43 Duos for violin and cello op. 4  vln,cel1798  
12Sinfonica for four flutes in D major D+flu4   
18Harmonique imitéeor three Adagios for four flutes     
19Sonata for 4 flutes     Sonata
20Variations for 2 flutes  flu2  Variations
213 Romances for two flutes  flu2  Romance
2212 Little Duos for two flutes  flu2   
23Différentes pièces  pno1796  
24Overture (Prehedra) in C major C+str,win,tim  Overture
258 Duos for two flutes  flu2   
26Trio for three flutes  flu3   
27Quartet for four flutes  flu4   
30Etudes ou Exercices for piano  pno  Etude
31Etude de transitions and 2 fantasies  pno1802 Etude
32Fugue on a theme by Domenico Scarlatti  pno1802 Fugue
34Overture in E major/minor     Overture
3636 Fugues for piano  pno  Fugue
40Sonata for piano in E major E+pno1803 Piano Sonata
41Symphony à grand orchestre "First symphony" Eb+orc1803 Symphony
42Symphony à grand orchestre op. 42 Eb+orc1803 Symphony
43Sonata for piano in E flat major Eb+pno1804 Piano Sonata
44Sonata for piano and violin in C major C+pno,vln1804 Violin Sonata
453 Duos for two violins  vln21804  
463 Sonatas for piano  pno1804 Piano Sonata
47Sonata for piano, violin and cello in C major C+pno,vln,cel1804 Sonata
483 String Quartets op. 48  stq1804 String quartet
493 String Quartets op. 49  stq1804 String quartet
5118 Variations and a Fantasy on a Mozart theme  flu,vln,cel1804 Variations
52String Quartet in C major C+stq1804 String quartet
53Grand Duo for two violins in C major C+vln21804  
54Sonata for flute and piano in G major G+flu,pno1804 Sonata
552 Sonatas for violin and piano  vln,pno1804  
56Urians Reise um die Welt  voc2,pno  Song
57L'art de varier  pno   
58String Quartet in A major A+stq  String quartet
592 Fantasies for piano  pno  Fantasy
61Fantasy for piano in C minorexercise 13 from Practische BeispieleC-pno  Fantasy
62Sonata in A major for violin and piano A+vln,pno1808 Violin Sonata
816 Fugues for piano  pno1810 Fugue
8224 Trios for three/two horns and bassoonbefore 1815     
83Variations for piano op. 83before 1815 pno  Variations
8412 Duos for violin and cello  vln,cel1814  
85Variations on Charmante Gabrielle for pianobefore 1815 pno  Variations
86La victoire (Allegro brillant) for pianobefore 1815 pno  Allegro
87Variations on a theme by Gluck for piano  pno  Variations
88:1Wind Quintet op. 88 no. 1 in E minor  win  21:30 
88:2Wind Quintet op. 88 no. 2 in E flat major  win  26:00 
88:3Wind Quintet op. 88 no. 3 in G major  win  23:00 
88:4Wind Quintet op. 88 no. 4 in D minor  win  26:30 
88:5Wind Quintet op. 88 no. 5 in B flat major      
88:6Wind Quintet op. 88 no. 6 in F major      
89Quintet for clarinet and string quartet Bb+cla,stq1820  
906 String Quartets  stq1819 String quartet
91:1Wind Quintet op. 91 no. 1 in C major  win  26:00 
91:2Wind Quintet op. 91 no. 2 in A minor  win   
91:3Wind Quintet op. 91 no. 3 in D major  win  20:00 
91:4Wind Quintet op. 91 no. 4 in G minor  win   
91:5Wind Quintet op. 91 no. 5 in A major  win   
91:6Wind Quintet op. 91 no. 6 in C minor  win  29:30 
923 String Quintets  stq,vla1820  
9312 Trios for two horns and bassoon or cello  hor2,bsn/cel1820  
943 String Quartets op. 94  stq  String quartet
953 String Quartets op. 95  stq  String quartet
96Octet in E flat major Eb+vln2,vla,cel,obo/flu,cla,hor,bsn1820  
97Etudes dans le genre fuguéLa fugue et le contrepoint, 34 études de fugues et contrepoint pno1816 Etude
986 Quartets for flute, violin, viola and cellobefore 1815 flu,vln,vla,cel   
996 Wind Quintets op. 99   1819  
100:1Wind Quintet op. 100 in F major   1820  
100:2Wind Quintet op. 100 in D minor   1820  
100:3Wind Quintet op. 100 in E-flat major   1820  
100:4Wind Quintet op. 100 in E minor   1820 27:30 
100:5Wind Quintet op. 100 in A minor   1820  
100:6Wind Quintet op. 100 in B flat major   1820  
1016 Trios Concertants for pno, vln and cello  pno,vln,cel1824  
102Etudes de piano ou 57 variations sur un themevariations on a theme by Grétry and a rondeau for piano pno1820 Variations
103Sonata in D major "Grand duo concertant" D+flu,pno1824 Sonata
104Grand quatuor concertant Eb+pno,vln/flu,bsn/cel,cel1824  
105Quintet for flute and string quartet in A A+flu,stq1829  
106Quintet for horn and string quartet in E E+hor,stq1829  
107Quintet for oboe/clarinet and string quartet F+obo/cla,stq   
 Andante arioso, Andante and Adagio"Pour le Cor Anglais" = for the English horn. eho,flu,cla,bsn,hor1819 Andante
 Quintet for bassoon and string quartet  bsn,stq1826 29:00 



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