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Worklist for Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

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name cmt key instr year time genre
111 works
1Symphony No. 1 in E Flat MinorLater versions in E minorEb- 1865 Symphony
24 Songs op. 2   1865 Song cycle
34 songs op. 3   1888 Song cycle
44 Songs op. 4   1891 Song cycle
5Sadko   1895 2:50:30Opera
6Fantasia on Serbian Themes     Fantasy
74 Songs op. 7   1867 Song cycle
86 Songs op. 8     Song cycle
9Symphony No. 2 "Antar"   1858 30:30Symphony
106 Variations op.10 on the theme B-A-C-H  pno  Variations
114 pieces for piano op. 11  pno1878  
12String Quartet in F major F+ 1875 String quartet
132 3-voice choirs op. 13   1875 Choir
144 Variations und Fughues on a Russian theme  fch  Song
153 pieces for piano op. 15  pno1875  
166 Choirs op. 16  cho1876 Choir
176 Fugues  pno1875 Fugue
182 Choirs for mixed choir op. 18  cho1876 Choir
1915 Russian folk songs for mixed choir   1879 Song cycle
20Legend of Alexios the monk      
21Ruhm  cho,orc1879 Song
228 Pieces from the St. John Liturgy   1884  
22b6 Choirs op. 22b   1884  
234 3-voice choirs op. 23  mch1875 Choir
24100 Russian folk songscollection    Song cycle
252 Songs after Heine op. 25   1870 Song cycle
264 Songs op. 26   1882 Song cycle
274 Songs op. 27   1883 Song cycle
28Overture on Russian Themes     Overture
29Fairy TaleSkazka orc   
30Piano Concerto in C Sharp Minor   1882 Piano concerto
31Sinfonietta on Russian Themes A- 1885 22:00Sinfonietta
32Symphony No. 3 in C major   1873 Symphony
33Fantasia on two Russian themes  vln1885 Fantasy
34Capriccio EspagnolKaprichchio na ispanskie temi  1887 16:00Capriccio
35Scheherazade   1888 46:30Symphonic suite
36Russian Easter Festival OvertureSvetlyi prazdnik.    15:00Overture
37Serenade   1893 Serenade
38Prelude-Impromptu and Mazurka  pno1869 Impromptus
394 Songs after Tolstoy op. 39   1897 Song cycle
404 Songs op. 40   1897 Song cycle
414 Songs op. 41   1897 Song cycle
424 Songs op. 42   1897 Song cycle
43In SpringVesnoj  1897 Song cycle
44Switesjanka  sop,ten,cho,orc  Cantata
45To the poetPoetu  1898 Song cycle
46By the seaU morja.  1897 Song cycle
472 Duets op. 47   1897 Song cycle
48Mozart and SalieriMozart i Sal'ieri  1897 45:00Opera
492 Songs op. 49  bas,orc1899 Song cycle
504 Songs op. 50   1897 Song cycle
515 Songs op. 51   1897 Song cycle
522 Duets op. 52   1905 Song cycle
53Libellen   1897 Song
54Boyarina Vera Shelogarevision of prologue to second version of opera Pskovitianka  1898 Opera
554 Songs op. 55   1898 Song cycle
562 Songs op. 56   1905 Song cycle
57The Tale Of Tsar SaltanThe Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, the Glorious and Mighty Knight Prince Guidon Saltonovich, and of the Fair Swan-Princess. Skazka o Tsare Saltane. The Flight of the Bumblebee is the most famous part.  1899 2:30:00Opera
58Sage vom weisen Oleg  ten,bas,mch,orc1899 Song
59Pan Veyevoda suite     Suite
60Homerus Cantata  sop2,alt,fch,orc1901 Cantata
61At the Tomb (Nad mogiloi)      
63Neapolitan songNeapolitanskaya pesen'ka    Song
 3 Fugues  pno1875 Fugue
 3 Fugues on Russian themes  pno1875 Fugue
 Allegro in B majorContribution for "Les Vendredis".  1899 Allegro
 Allegretto in C major  pno1895 Allegro
 Allegro in D flat minor  pno1859 Allegro
 Canzonetta and Tarantella  cla21893  
 Christmas eveChrismas night  1895 Opera
 Christmas Eve suiteNoch' pered Rozhdestvom    28:00 
 Concertstuck for clarinet and military band Eb+cla,brb   
 Concerto for trombone and military band Bb+trb,brb1877 Concerto
 Cherubic hymns     Hymn
 Dobrynya Nitkitich     Opera
 Fugue in C major  pno2  Fugue
 Hail to Glazunov on his anniversaryZdravitsa dlia iubileiinogo chestvovania A.K. Glazunov     
 In the monastry  pfh1878  
 Il'ya Muromets     Opera
 Kashchei the ImmortalKashchei bessmertnyi. Kashtshey.  1901 1:10Opera
 MladaOpera-ballet  1890 Opera
 May NightMaiskaia noch'  1878 1:50:00Opera
 Mazurka on 3 Polish themes  vln,orc  Mazurka
 Mlada suite  orc1903 Suite
 NausicaaNavzikaya    Opera
 Nocturne in F major F+hor41888 Nocturne
 Night on Mount TriglavNoch'na gore Triglav     
 Overture La Grande Paque Russe   1888 Overture
 Prelude in D major  pno1895 Prelude
 The maiden of PskovPskovitianka  1872 2:00:00Opera
 Piano trio in C flat minor Cb+   Piano trio
 Pan VoyevodaPan Voevoda  1903 Opera
 Quintet in B major B+pno,flu,cla,hor,bsn1876 29:30 
 Royal march (Schubert)  orc1868 March
 Sadko (a musical picture)  orc   
 ServiliaServiliia  1901 Opera
 Song in Dorian style  pno  Song
 String quartet in G major G+ 1897 String quartet
 String Quartet on Russian Themes   1878 String quartet
 String quartet on the names B-LA-F  str1886 String quartet
 String sextet in A major A+str1876 String sextet
 The Barber of BaghdadBagdadskii borodobrei    Opera
 The Golden CockerelZolotoi petushok. Le Coq d'Or.  1907 Opera
 Thy, God, we love  cho1883 Hymn
 The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden FevroniaSkazanie o nevidimom grade Kitezhe i deve Fevronii  1904 Opera
 The maiden of Pskov (incidental music)   1877 Incidental music
 The Snow maidenSnegurochka  1881 Opera
 The Tsar's BrideTsarskaia nevesta  1898 Opera
 Variations for oboe and military band G-obo,brb  Variations
 We Hymn Thee No 4 in GTebe poyem    2:00Hymn



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