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Worklist for Thomas Tomkins

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name cmt key instr year time genre
38 works
A Sad Pavane for These Distracted Times     Pavan
Above the Stars My Saviour Dwells     Hymn
Barafostus' Dream     Hymn
Cloris, When as I Woe     Song
Come, Shepherds, Sing with Me     Hymn
Fancy for two to play     Song
Fond Men that Do so Highly Prize     Song
Fortune my Foe     Song
Fusca, In Thy Starry Eyes     Song
Glory Be To God On High     Hymn
How Great Delight from Those Sweet Lips I Taste     Hymn
It is My Well-Beloved 's Voice     Hymn
Les Sylvains     Song
Love, Cease Tormenting     Song
Magnificat & Nunc dimitis (Fifth Service)     Magnificat
Music Divine     Hymn
O Let Me Live for True Love     Song
O Sing Unto the Lord     Hymn
Oft Did I Marle     Song
Our Hasty Life Away Doth Post     Song
Oyez! Has Any Found a Lad     Song
Phyllis, Now Cease to Move     Song
Psalm 13     Hymn
See, See The Shepherd's Green     Song
Sure, There is no God of Love!     Song
The Hunting Galliard     Galliard
The Lady Folliott's galliard     Song
Third or Great Service     Hymn
To the Shady Woods     Song
Too much I once lamented     Song
Turn Unto the Lord     Hymn
Voluntary for Keyboard in A minor  org   
Voluntary for Keyboard in C major  org   
Voluntary for Keyboard in D minor  org   
Voluntary for Keyboard in G major  org   
When David heard that Absalom was slain     Hymn
When I Observe     Hymn
Woe is me     Song



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