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Worklist for Pancho Vladigerov

a.k.a. Pantcho Vladigerov

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name cmt key instr year time genre
74 works
1Sonata for violin and piano in D major D+vln,pno1914 Violin Sonata
24 Pieces for piano op. 2  pno1915  
3Variations on "Majestic Balkan Mountains"  pno1916 Variations
4Piano trio   1916 Piano trio
56 Lyric Songs After Dora Gabe’s Lyrics  voc,pno1917 Song cycle
6Piano concerto No. 1 in A Minor A-pno,orc1918 Piano concerto
7Poem in traditional style  vln,pno1919 Poem
8Symphonic legend  orc1919  
910 impressions   1920  
104 Pieces for Piano op. 10  pno1920  
11Violin concerto no. 1  vln,orc1921 Violin concerto
124 Pieces for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1921  
13Music and suite for Strindberg’s "A Dream Play"Scandinavian Suite orc1924 Suite
14Burlesque  vln,orc/pno1922  
153 Pieces for Piano op. 15  pno   
16Bulgarian Rhapsody Vardar  orc1922 Rhapsody
176 Exotic preludes  orc  Prelude
182 Bulgarian paraphrases  vln,pno1925 Dances
195 Songs for High Voice and Piano  voc,pno1925 Song cycle
202 Pieces for Violin and Piano  vln,pno1925  
21Bulgarian Suite   1927 Suite
22Piano concerto no. 2 in C minor C- 1930 Piano concerto
237 Symphonic Bulgarian dances   1931  
24Classic and Romantic   1931  
25Bulgarian Songs and Dances for Piano  pno1932  
263 Songs for Voice and Chamber Orchestra  voc,cor1932  
27Overture "Land"   1933 Overture
28Sonatina Concertante for Piano  pno1934 Sonatina
29Piano miniatures "Shumen"  pno1934  
30Tsar Kaloyan   1936 Opera
31Piano concerto No. 3 in B-flat Minor Bb- 1937 Piano concerto
326 Bulgarian Folk Songs for Voice and Piano  voc,pno1938 Song cycle
33Symphony no. 1   1939 Symphony
34String quartet  stq1940 String quartet
35Concert Fantasia for Violoncello and Piano  cel,pno1941 Fantasy
36Episodes  pno1941  
37Aquarelles  pno1942  
384 Romanian Symphonic Dances   1942 Dances
392 Romanian Symphonic Sketches   1943  
40Legend of the Lake   1946 Ballet
416 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 41  voc,pno1947  
426 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 42  voc,pno1948  
436 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 43  voc,pno1948  
44Symphony no. 2  sor1949 Symphony
45Overture "The Ninth of September"   1949 Overture
46Pictures  pno1950  
47Hebrew PoemJewish Poem orc1951 Poem
48Piano concerto no. 4 in G major G+pno,orc1953 Piano concerto
492 pieces from "Caesar and Cleopatra"   1953 Incidental music
50Suite from Orlin Vassilev’s play "Happiness"   1954 Incidental music
51Suite of 5 pieces  pno1954 Suite
52Dramatic Poem "Song about Peace"  orc1956 Poem
533 Pieces for Piano op. 53  pno1957  
546 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 54  voc,pno1958  
556 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 55  voc,pno1958  
566 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 56  voc,pno1958  
573 Concert Pieces  pno1959  
58Piano concerto no. 5 in D major D+ 1963 Piano concerto
59Novellettes  pno1964  
605 Pieces for Piano op. 60  pno1965  
61Violin concerto no. 2 in G minor G-vln,orc1968 Violin concerto
626 Bulgarian Folk Songs Voice and Piano op. 62  voc,pno1968 Song
63Lyulin Impressions  orc1972 Suite
643 Short Pieces for Piano  pno1972  
654 Pieces for Piano op. 65  pno1973  
665 Silhouettes for Piano  pno   
674 Songs After Nikolay Liliev’s lyrics   1974  
685 Poetic Pictures for Piano  pno1976  
69Four Frescoes for Piano  pno1977  
703 Bagatelles   1978 Bagatelle
 Chimmy de concert  vln  3:30 
 Fox-Trott  vln  3:00 
 Horo Staccato (Chain Dance Staccato)  orc1942  
 Swedish dance  vln  4:30 



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